My Story

“It boils down to my number one goal of being your virtual assistant is being your guiding light “behind-the-scenes,” helping you pave a new path to more freedom to work on your business, not in your business.”

Hiii there! I’m Pam, a crafty gal at heart and am obsessed with administrative duties, organizing and project management. My corporate career in marketing and community relations and administrative support spans over 35 years. Since my first job, 40 years ago, I have been the “go to gal” for business organization, tech questions and administrative “behind-the-scenes” services.

I think it all started when I was about eight – my brother and I would pretend we had an insurance office. We’d go to my dad’s office and gather old forms, carbon copies (boy, am I dating myself!) and office supplies and we’d set up “cubicles” using couch cushions and set up our offices. We had old rotary telephones (yep – the old, old phone style). My mom also had her own business so we’d “borrow” staplers, paper clips, pens, and message books. My brother was “Jim” and he was the boss. I was “Sue Beasley,” his secretary. We’d play for hours and have so much fun. It never got old.

My dad got me my first office job at Ohio Casualty insurance company during high school (it was in a different department and I interviewed for the position). I was a microfilm clerk. I filed microfilms for insurance policies and did administrative work. My career took off from there and when I graduated from California State University, Fullerton, I knew I wanted to work in business and community relations. In any role, I have paved the way for others to be organized and get things done with ease. There’s no system or technology I can’t figure out or find a way to streamline.

Now owning my own Virtual Assistance business, I have taken all of the knowledge and experience through the years and created a way to help small business owners who need someone behind-the-scenes helping with their business administrative tasks. I have a knack for knowing what my clients next steps are before the client asks. Clients (and corporate colleagues prior to that) commonly would say, “That’s exactly what I wanted without even needing to explain it to you.”

I believe being a virtual assistant is my superpower and I strive to assist clients through offering the best possible services with the utmost quality and integrity. I am reliable, professional and detail-oriented and passionate about helping businesses run more smoothly.

When I’m not working I love traveling and crafts. I am a creative gal and I love “all things crafty and DIY.” I’m a mom to a 14-1/2 year old boy (I left corporate when he was 8 to be able to spend more time with him). I’m married to my best friend – I can’t believe it will be 25 years this May! We have two brother and sister Siamese kitties and they are the best office assistants I could ask for. They definitely keep me in line.

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